Senseo Single Serve Coffee Maker

Senseo Single Serve Coffee Maker

Senseo single serve coffee makers are arguably the most prominent coffee pod system available. Phillips and a subsidiary of the Sara Lee Corporation (Douwe Egberts) developed and then introduced a single serve brewing system in the year 2001. The Dutch companies trademarked the name ‘Senseo’ to give to its machines. By 2005 there were supposedly 10 million makers sold throughout the world, and according to Phillips the number doubled to 20 million Senseo single serve coffee makers sold by 2008! Many models were introduced during these years, but relatively few of them generated as much consumer interest as the regular Senseo and the 2017 Senseo New Generation.

Senseo single serve coffee maker use Coffee Pods; however they only use Senseo Pods. This is an important distinction that must be made, since Senseo explicitly states their machine works only with their branded Pods. Nevertheless, they do offer a fairly wide range of blends, and some flavored varieties as well. Keep in mind a few blends are as of yet only available online!

• Mild roast, Medium roast, Dark roast and decaffeinated blends
• Vanilla and Hazelnut and a few others via the ‘City Sensations’ varieties
• A Cappuccino blend with creamer in the pod
• ‘Origin’ blends like Sumatra, Brazil, Kenya and Columbia
• Some tea and other specialty varieties like Mocha are available

There is also an aftermarket addition to Senseo single serve coffee maker called the Coffeeduck. This filter essentially lets you use your own favorite coffee in the machine, which results in savings over having to buy the more expensive Pods. The Coffee Pods are best stored in a cool environment, not the freezer, and after opening the package of Pods it’s suggested to never store them in the refrigerator due to the risk of absorbing moisture or odor which can alter the taste. As you can see, Senseo machines seem to be best suited to those individuals that like a standard type drip coffee regardless of the blend. And for those purposes Senseo single serve coffee makers are perfect!

There are two models that are widely available. The Senseo Machine (original) and the Senseo New Generation (also called Supreme). There are few differences between these models however the differences could be considered major improvements.

Senseo Original Coffee Machine

The Senseo Original is a no-fluff single serve coffee maker that comes at a fantastic low price. It works with all Senseo Coffee Pods and brews a 4 oz cup or an 8 oz cup of your favorite blend of coffee. There is of course no taste transfer if you brew two different beverages one after another, and the machine comes with a 1 year warranty. The water is heated to 205 degrees, which is standard for a great hot cup of coffee or tea.

Benefits of the Senseo Original Coffee Machine:

• Has 2 different pod holders so you can brew one pod (4oz) or two pods (8oz) at a time
• Auto shut-off after 1 hour
• All removable parts are dishwasher safe
• Weighs in at 6lbs
• Brews a great cup of coffee in under a minute!
• Arguably the best tasting coffee, complete with crema, of any pod system

Drawbacks of the Senseo Original Coffee Machine:

• Virtually no bells or whistles like LED lights or clocks
• No auto-on feature
• Small 32oz water reservoir as compared to other brands
• 4oz standard size

The first cup of delicious coffee takes under 3 minutes, and each cup after that takes only 1 minute or less. As I mentioned, the coffee made is truly a treat! The crema is present, and you get the full flavor of the blend. The price of these single serve coffee makers can’t be beat, and the price for pods is also very reasonable. Consumers agree the machine is long lasting, and you can read their reviews on the Senseo Reviews page.

Senseo Supreme Coffee Machine

The Senseo Supreme is an affordable option for a more upscale coffee maker. The interactive LCD display allows you to select various cup sizes so you can customize your beverage. Using this feature coupled with one or more pods means you can create coffee as strong or as mild as you wish. Basically that is all that makes this model different from the Original.

Benefits of the Senseo Supreme Coffee Machine:

• Two pod holders so you can customize with 1 or 2 pods
• Brew sizes of 3,4,5,6,8 and 10 ounces
• Dishwasher safe removable parts
• Similar light weight of 6.5 lbs
• Same excellent coffee as other Senseo models
• Adjustable spout for larger or smaller cups

Drawbacks of the Senseo Supreme Coffee Machine:

• Adjustable spout only moves an inch or so, thus reducing its versatility
• Had some models recalled
• Plastic taste has been reported

Despite the drawbacks listed it’s important to note that consumer reports rate this machine as number 1 versus all of its competition. Also many people report that there is definitely no plastic taste, and that regardless of the adjustable spout moving relatively little, the machine is versatile in that it can essentially make 18 different strengths of coffee!

Summary of Senseo Single Serve Coffee Maker

• Due to affordability and the fact the beverage is top-notch quality, Senseo machines have a lot going for them. While it is true that the pods are cheaper than K-Cups and T-Discs, you may have to use 2 in order make a reasonable sized cup of coffee. This reduces the cost savings of the pods, however all is not lost as the machines themselves are quite a lot cheaper. Senseo single serve coffee makers have lots to offer any coffee lover!