The Best Single Serve Coffee Maker Reviews


At present, the coffee machines on the market can be divided into 4 groups as follows.

Semi Automatic Coffee Maker

This type of coffee machine is only mixed with coffee powder, the machine has a fairly quick coffee time, only about 1, 2 minutes. For home use, we can choose from small semi-automatic coffee machines.

When buying a professional espresso machine, people choose a semi-automatic coffee machine. A semi automatic coffee machine requires that you have a bartender who knows how to operate the machine. This type of machine allows you to control the pump, ie you can turn off the flow of water during espresso extraction, as sometimes you can have an impressive glass sooner than expected and add more water. Will reduce the taste. By breaking the flow you get the perfect coffee. In addition, it is also important, this machine along with a skilled barista can create eye-catching artistic coffee. Semi-automatic coffee dispenser prices depend on many factors: structure, capacity, design, brand, …

A larger boiler with larger capacity will allow you to mix faster, without having to wait for a hot water heater. If you open a café and have a long line of high-paying customers at one point, you should probably be prepared for a semi-automatic vending machine. If your guests are scattered all day, a 1-throat machine can completely meet the needs of mixing. On the market there are also high-end machines with impressive design and interior design, including separate boilers for espresso coffee extraction and for milking, keeping the mixing temperature at a constant level and Most uniform. One more note, you will probably have to add a coffee grinder with this semi-automatic coffee machine, so you can grind it when needed, keep your coffee fresh and secure. Smooth fit best.

Automatic coffee machine

This type of coffee machine automatically processes the process from grinding to blending.

Just press the button that can do the job for you. This machine will grind beans, coffee extract, milk, mix ingredients if necessary to make a complete beverage. All you need to do is place the cup on the appliance – although some models also have that function. If you do not have a professional bartender, the automatic espresso machine is not a bad choice. It’s hard to make an impressive cup of coffee, but your cups will be equal in quality, and it will not make a bad product like an amateur. In general, this machine is very suitable for the office, or use at the hotel for parties. Fully automatic coffee machines are also available in a variety of capacities, the amount of beverage can be mixed automatically, the line has more attractive features, attractive prices are quite different.

Automatic espresso machine

The ultra-automatic espresso machines are espresso machines, but at the same time you can still mix the desired latte art. Starbucks is one of the brands that are using the ultra-automatic coffee machine to minimize the human factor that can affect their coffee. Of course, with the above functions, the ultra-automatic espresso machine will be quite expensive. In general, this is not the right kind of coffee maker for home use.

Pod coffee machine

The coffee pod pod is gradually becoming more popular. You just need to put a coffee in the machine (in the plastic coffee cup or filter paper has enough of a cup of coffee just enough for an espresso – usually 7g. But with a simple, lightweight, easy-to-use, low cost, this is the perfect solution for individuals with little or no demand. In addition, with this machine, you will not worry about coffee will be wet, smell, because each “coffee” is packaged separately, so it will preserve the best coffee, avoid wasting people. So “coffee” can cost more than $1, but more broadly, it is quite reasonable.

Home coffee machine

Home coffee machines are medium and low power phases, suitable for luxury kitchens with European designs, or family companies that regularly receive foreign visitors. The convenience of a home espresso machine allows you to have instant espresso or cappuccino in less than a minute, you can enjoy right after breakfast or after lunch with lots of fatigue. Fatigue needs alertness.


Coffee machines on the market today cost from $50 with a simple semi-automatic espresso machine for nearly  $1000 with professional espresso machines. The price is so different that you can choose according to demand, with the general principle of “You get what you pay for”.

For home, the $100-$200 coffee maker is more expensive than the one you buy.


The capacity of the coffee machine determines the number of cups of coffee to be made each time. So that you can base on the specific needs of the family or of the cafe to choose the capacity accordingly.


Coffee machine or no warranty period, or 12-24 month warranty. You can hardly expect unmodified espresso machines to have good quality and durability.


There are many reputable coffee makers on the market today. Choosing a large brand coffee maker will help you avoid unnecessary troubles while using the product. Some brands of espresso machines are Saeco, Texet, Tiross, Electrolux, Espresso, Eurohome, Nescafe, Kahchan, Russell Hobbs, Zojirushi, Purio Coffee, DelongHi, Anni Coffee, Philips …