Hamilton Beach Single Serve Coffee Maker

Hamilton Beach Single Serve Coffee Maker

Save Hundreds of Dollars with a Hamilton Beach Single Serve Coffee Maker as You Make Your Very Best Gourmet Coffee Each and Every time

A Hamilton Beach single serve coffee maker is perfectly designed for people who adore coffee. We drink gallons of it each and every year. Going thru our day without it? No way! Plus we coffee-drinkers have highly distinctive standards regarding our brew. Making a full pot for the whole office or when you have guests is great. However, sometimes you may just want a single cup or two of really excellent coffee. Unfortunately, most machines weren’t designed for solo drinkers.

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Bunn Single Serve Coffee Maker

K-Cup coffee bags, ground coffee, tea or bag, and liquid tea

I’ve used one of these for two years, and thought it was the only K-cup coffee maker that owned the value.

The benefits of K-cup are clean because coffee mugs are contained and anyone can make a fresh cuppa of whatever brand they want whenever they want it. They are those friendly client.

The benefits are often the awful quality of coffee and expensive DRM buying coffee. MCU Bunn error correction, plus faster speed and more durable.

This 10-pound unit unit has a stainless tank that pre-heats 14 oz of water. There is previous previous next

You fill your couch with your coffee (any size) and dumped into. A spray head (not a catheter) does not make coffee, so it slopes for a second, then start filling your cup in many small, brewing / stepping cycles. The reservoirs are included by the water you dump in, do not have to be a tank. You will receive the prefinance of the coffee that do not need to guess because the money will be distributed that you will be dumped. Under a minute.

Coffee is great. I wrinkled my nose in the plastic coffee that I had given but Bunn was as good as fresh coffee from any drip system.

This is the only K-cup unit I have found with standard products of excellent quality and quality.

Mr.coffee single-serve coffee maker

Mr.coffee single-serve coffee maker

Mr. Coffee has a range of unique coffee producers that have proven to be very successful in recent years. This is largely due to the help of another giant in the Keurig coffee maker brand. The unique co-operation between Mr Coffee / Keurig to produce unique coffee makers serves to create the best sales status and rank first in numerous blogs / product review sites and Online discount stores include Walmart, Sears and Amazon.

The reason why they are so popular is the fact that they are simple to use, easy to clean and a variety of beverages you can do with the Keurig K-Cup refills (up to 200 Includes tea, hot chocolates, or even ice drinks). Combined with efficient coffee maker design and technology, Keurig gives you a high quality coffee and as a result is the single best selling coffee maker.

About the Keurig Brewers

The best way to describe the Keurig brewery technology is the pressure blending system that ensures a space in the dissolved oxygen atmosphere inside the closed sealing compound.

This creates an environment for high-quality mixing. There is also an advanced filter, optimum pressure and temperature control that makes for a perfect setting for full-flavored coffee that Keurig considers to be as standard as any coffee you have. Want to buy at the local cafe.

A lot of buyer reviews can prove this with a 4 to 5 stars rating on the internet. The integrated K-Cup brewing system allows up to 200 different varieties of coffee to choose from with its K-Cup packaging.

About the K-Cup system

Keurig K-Cup is famous among people who love to brew coffee once. The K-Cup is actually a plastic package or container that is used in conjunction with the Keurig Coffee System for a cup of coffee, tea or hot chocolate.

The K-cup has an internal coffee filter filled with coffee beans or other brewed ingredients and is extremely airtight with plastic seal and leaf cover.

K-cup is a very popular concept as it has 2 things that make the brewing process very fast and the second makes it without any mess thus reducing cleaning time.

What is good about the Coffee / Keurig Coffee Brewers?

Here is a set of positive feedback from buyers:

  1. Very simple to operate
  2. Easy to clean
  3. The process of brewing fast
  4. Produce full flavor coffee

Bad things have reported:

Designer’s shortcoming:

  1. Some find the water contained too small
  2. Some people have found noisy brewers
  3. There are reported cases of unit leakage

Single Serve K-Cup Coffee Maker

The way to Always Select the right Coffeemaker

Why do, that after you check out a friend’s house, they may be frequently able to supply a great coffee, often superior to the coffee you possibly can make in your house? The task may be met by choosing the very best coffee maker that fits your favourite brewing system as well as your finest choice of coffee. – best single serve coffee maker

You can find lots of different coffeemakers offered by the numerous manufacturers around the globe as well as your local superstore or online provider could have 30 or 40 different options open to you. It’s tough to understand that is best for you without trying them all, which is not a realistic option. Therefore, reading the web reviews and remembering which coffee brewers are used from your close friends, will narrow down your quest.

Choose Your Favourite Coffee

The selection of making coffee may be decided because of your selection of coffee. As an example, you might need an espresso maker when all your family are typical espresso drinkers. Whenever your favourite is really a cappuccino, you may pick a pod machine to take the perfect cappuccino every time, or you would have to choose a machine that will steam and boil milk quickly so it can be put into your coffee.

Would you prefer filter coffee, or if you’re due to the choice, could you select beans within their raw suggest that must be ground prior to being brewed?

Many people choose to purchase the same coffee every single week, for several years, making the decision of coffee machine relatively simple. If you are the kind of person that wants to alternate by way of a range of speciality coffee flavours, a pod machine has to be your best preference.
Once you’ve decided which type of coffee you would like to brew, your choice of coffee machine could be down to 10 approximately different options, especially after taking into consideration purchaser’s reviews.

How Much Are You Going To Drink?

Where you stand single, have few visitors and only drink one coffee every day, you will pick a different coffeemaker or brewing system to a large family who all drink coffee and entertain visitors each day every week. When you are capable of calculate your family’s use of coffee, you should match it up towards the suggestions provided by the coffee manufacturers.

Whenever you consider the various coffee brewers readily available for your choice of brewing system plus your financial allowance range, it seems sensible to get one which is more likely to offer spares in the distant future, because replacing a person part will definitely cost less than updating to a new machine.
Comparing and experimenting is essential when you really need to improve your coffee making facilities and is also equally as important as deciding on the best coffee to match your taste. – best single serve coffee maker

The Best Single Serve Coffee Maker Reviews


At present, the coffee machines on the market can be divided into 4 groups as follows.

Semi Automatic Coffee Maker

This type of coffee machine is only mixed with coffee powder, the machine has a fairly quick coffee time, only about 1, 2 minutes. For home use, we can choose from small semi-automatic coffee machines.

When buying a professional espresso machine, people choose a semi-automatic coffee machine. A semi automatic coffee machine requires that you have a bartender who knows how to operate the machine. This type of machine allows you to control the pump, ie you can turn off the flow of water during espresso extraction, as sometimes you can have an impressive glass sooner than expected and add more water. Will reduce the taste. By breaking the flow you get the perfect coffee. In addition, it is also important, this machine along with a skilled barista can create eye-catching artistic coffee. Semi-automatic coffee dispenser prices depend on many factors: structure, capacity, design, brand, …

A larger boiler with larger capacity will allow you to mix faster, without having to wait for a hot water heater. If you open a café and have a long line of high-paying customers at one point, you should probably be prepared for a semi-automatic vending machine. If your guests are scattered all day, a 1-throat machine can completely meet the needs of mixing. On the market there are also high-end machines with impressive design and interior design, including separate boilers for espresso coffee extraction and for milking, keeping the mixing temperature at a constant level and Most uniform. One more note, you will probably have to add a coffee grinder with this semi-automatic coffee machine, so you can grind it when needed, keep your coffee fresh and secure. Smooth fit best.

Automatic coffee machine

This type of coffee machine automatically processes the process from grinding to blending.

Just press the button that can do the job for you. This machine will grind beans, coffee extract, milk, mix ingredients if necessary to make a complete beverage. All you need to do is place the cup on the appliance – although some models also have that function. If you do not have a professional bartender, the automatic espresso machine is not a bad choice. It’s hard to make an impressive cup of coffee, but your cups will be equal in quality, and it will not make a bad product like an amateur. In general, this machine is very suitable for the office, or use at the hotel for parties. Fully automatic coffee machines are also available in a variety of capacities, the amount of beverage can be mixed automatically, the line has more attractive features, attractive prices are quite different.

Automatic espresso machine

The ultra-automatic espresso machines are espresso machines, but at the same time you can still mix the desired latte art. Starbucks is one of the brands that are using the ultra-automatic coffee machine to minimize the human factor that can affect their coffee. Of course, with the above functions, the ultra-automatic espresso machine will be quite expensive. In general, this is not the right kind of coffee maker for home use.

Pod coffee machine

The coffee pod pod is gradually becoming more popular. You just need to put a coffee in the machine (in the plastic coffee cup or filter paper has enough of a cup of coffee just enough for an espresso – usually 7g. But with a simple, lightweight, easy-to-use, low cost, this is the perfect solution for individuals with little or no demand. In addition, with this machine, you will not worry about coffee will be wet, smell, because each “coffee” is packaged separately, so it will preserve the best coffee, avoid wasting people. So “coffee” can cost more than $1, but more broadly, it is quite reasonable.

Home coffee machine

Home coffee machines are medium and low power phases, suitable for luxury kitchens with European designs, or family companies that regularly receive foreign visitors. The convenience of a home espresso machine allows you to have instant espresso or cappuccino in less than a minute, you can enjoy right after breakfast or after lunch with lots of fatigue. Fatigue needs alertness.


Coffee machines on the market today cost from $50 with a simple semi-automatic espresso machine for nearly  $1000 with professional espresso machines. The price is so different that you can choose according to demand, with the general principle of “You get what you pay for”.

For home, the $100-$200 coffee maker is more expensive than the one you buy.


The capacity of the coffee machine determines the number of cups of coffee to be made each time. So that you can base on the specific needs of the family or of the cafe to choose the capacity accordingly.


Coffee machine or no warranty period, or 12-24 month warranty. You can hardly expect unmodified espresso machines to have good quality and durability.


There are many reputable coffee makers on the market today. Choosing a large brand coffee maker will help you avoid unnecessary troubles while using the product. Some brands of espresso machines are Saeco, Texet, Tiross, Electrolux, Espresso, Eurohome, Nescafe, Kahchan, Russell Hobbs, Zojirushi, Purio Coffee, DelongHi, Anni Coffee, Philips …

How to choose the best single serve coffee maker?

How to choose the best single serve coffee maker?

If you are on the lookout for instant caffeinated gratification without any mess, then the single serve coffee maker is the ideal choice. The following factors should be considered in order to be happy with your purchase.

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The Origin and Evolution of Coffee

The Origin and Evolution of Coffee

Your cup of coffee is brewed from roasted and ground beans that grow on coffee plants. The coffee plant is grown in approximately 70 countries around the world and there are many hybrids that are usually unique to the geographic location they are grown, however it is basically only 2 varieties that are commercially used today. Arabica beans account for 80% and Robusta accounts for 20%. The plant grows best in sub-tropic climates, and while a plant can grow to 30 feet tall if left untended, growers crop the bush to keep it to a harvestable size of generally no more than 12 feet tall. The bean is actually the pit or seed of the coffee fruit. Just like oranges or cherries, coffee fruit ripens over time and farmers pick the ones that are ready for processing. The fruit is then shipped to various plants where they are processed, have the bean extracted, roasted, often ground and then shipped to the supermarket.

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Tassimo Single Serve Coffee Maker

Tassimo Single Serve Coffee Maker

Tassimo single serve coffee maker came into the market a little later than its competitors. Introduced first in France in 2004, it soon spread to numerous countries throughout Europe and into North America and Australia as well. Kraft Inc. is the parent company and Braun made pretty much all of the Tassimo coffee brewers until 2008. Bosch now produces the Tassimo single serve coffee maker. While not as popular as Keurig (yet), Tassimo has some advantages that we will get to.

One area where Tassimo falls short of its competition is the variety of beverage available. Ten brands including Nabob, Twinings of London, Carte Noir and Maxwell House make the 25 or so available T-Discs. Keurig has 248 beverages available on their website, and Coffee Pods are available in even more varieties!

The main advantage Tassimo has however is the T-Disc itself; it has a barcode that tells the coffee machine exactly how to make the beverage. From amount of water, temperature, brew time and more, you can be sure you get an excellent quality drink every time. Furthermore, the T-Disc contains measured amounts of all ingredients needed like quality coffee, hot chocolate and even concentrated milk product. That’s right! Tassimo gives you the ability to also make milk based drinks! The beverages possible are:

• Many different blends of coffee from dark roast to mild, including decaffeinated
• French roast, French vanilla, Swiss hazelnut and Caffe Crema by various brands
• Tea from Twinings like Earl Grey and Chai Tea Latte
• Two varieties of hot chocolate (try a real milk creamer T-Disc to make it super creamy or an espresso T-Disc and get Mocha!)
• Quite a few cappuccino beverages, some of which are decaf and/or skinny (low fat)
• Latte’s like Gevalia Caramel Latte Macchiato and other regular or caramel lattes
• A surprising selection of espresso, rich crema included!
• A delicious sweet and creamy iced coffee by Gevalia

Of course like all Tassimo single serve coffee maker, you can make drink after drink with no taste transfer at all. An added benefit to Tassimo brewers is the ability to take manual control of the system to customize drinks making them stronger or weaker as you desire.

There are lots of models available to purchase, but for regular households there are basically 3 models you’d choose from. The Tassimo Intermediate (commonly referred to as T20 Home Brewing System), the Tassimo Suprema (T45) and the Tassimo LCD Premium (T65). As you’d expect they have certain similarities but differences between the features are present.

TassimoT20 (Intermediate) Home Brewing System

The T20 Tassimo single serve coffee maker is a fantastic entry point into the world of single cup brewers. It’s inexpensive and can be found for under 100 dollars. As with most brewing systems it also comes with the obligatory sample pack. The T20 will accept all T-Discs so if you want to start somewhere…well you could much worse than starting here!

Benefits of the Tassimo T20 Intermediate:

• You can adjust the cup stand in order to use various cup sizes
• Most of the movable parts are dishwasher safe to make cleaning even easier
• Use the manual function to customize beverage strength and taste
• Flow-through water heater for faster brewing
• 50oz water reservoir
• A light-weight 5.6lbs empty

Drawbacks of the Tassimo T20 Intermediate:

• No clock feature
• No auto-on or auto-off
• No water filter like higher models have
• Slightly smaller water reservoir than upscale models
• Wont work well in altitudes over 6500 feet

Despite Keurig coffee maker having a much larger selection of brands and varieties of coffee, if I had to choose a starter machine I think I’d pick up one of Tassimo’s T20 single serve coffee maker. I appreciate the fact they make milk based beverages, and while they no longer have Starbucks support I am confident in the quality of T-Disc brands. Want to know more about Tassimo T20? Visit Tassimo Single Serve Coffee Maker Reviews for more info or click here for prices and T-Discs!

Tassimo T45 (Suprema) Home Brewing System

The Suprema is by all means an upgrade over the Tassimo T20, even though by default there is no difference in the quality of beverage they produce. For the extra 40 dollars (the T45 retails for about 140 dollars) the differences are generally cosmetic. There are some functional differences such as a Mavea Maxtra water filter.

Benefits of the Tassimo T45 Suprema:

• Adjustable cup stand just like the T20
• Again the movable parts are safe to put in the dishwasher
• Ability to customize the strength of the beverage with the manual override button
• Available in different color options to match your décor
• Chrome finished details (buttons, beverage outlet etc)
• Removable 61oz water tank including LCD filter monitor
• About 6.5 lbs empty

Drawbacks of the Tassimo T45 Suprema:

• Many consumers report the lifespan seems short at about 2 years
• The extra 40 dollars on the price tag does not get you much
• Still no clock or programmable features
• Not suitable for altitudes over 6500 feet just like the T20

The extra 40 dollars for this model could be spent on more T-Discs for the T20. While the Suprema is a popular model and of course makes a very satisfying beverage, it also looks fantastic on your counter. For more information provided by consumers on these single serve coffee maker head over to the Tassimo Reviews page.

Tassimo T65 (Premium) Home Brewing System

As the name of this model suggests it is the premium offering by Tassimo. The cost is usually in the 170 dollar area, and its loaded with extra features the other models don’t have. Do you need those features? Well maybe not, however as with all upgrades you pay for the aesthetics as well. Rather than rehash all of the benefits (since the T65 has all of the benefits of the other units) the list will just have the differences.

Benefits of the Tassimo T65 Premium:

• Pleasing Twilight Titanium premium metallic brewer color
• Automatic one button operation
• LED cup stand light
• Multilingual LCD display that walks you through making your beverage
• Still very light at only 6.8 lbs
• This model DOES function fine at higher than 6500 feet altitudes

Drawbacks of the Tassimo T65 Premium:

• A little slower and noisier than you’d expect from a premium maker
The Tassimo T65 Premium is an excellent model. Stylish, modern and not bulky at all, it can definitely enhance your kitchen or office or wherever you may place it. The quality of beverage produced is exactly what you’d expect from Tassimo single serve coffee maker. Of course you can read for yourself whether others like you find the T65 to be worth the money.

Summary of Tassimo Single Serve Coffee Maker

The most important factor in choosing what brand or model of coffee maker you want is obviously the quality of the drink it provides. In that regard, Tassimo and their T-Discs are definitely and exceptional product. The taste profile of nearly all of the beverages T-Discs produce compares favorably to what you would receive in a high profile coffee shop like Starbucks. While the variety of offerings is fairly small you would still be happy with your purchase of any Tassimo single serve coffee maker.

Senseo Single Serve Coffee Maker

Senseo Single Serve Coffee Maker

Senseo single serve coffee makers are arguably the most prominent coffee pod system available. Phillips and a subsidiary of the Sara Lee Corporation (Douwe Egberts) developed and then introduced a single serve brewing system in the year 2001. The Dutch companies trademarked the name ‘Senseo’ to give to its machines. By 2005 there were supposedly 10 million makers sold throughout the world, and according to Phillips the number doubled to 20 million Senseo single serve coffee makers sold by 2008! Many models were introduced during these years, but relatively few of them generated as much consumer interest as the regular Senseo and the 2017 Senseo New Generation.

Senseo single serve coffee maker use Coffee Pods; however they only use Senseo Pods. This is an important distinction that must be made, since Senseo explicitly states their machine works only with their branded Pods. Nevertheless, they do offer a fairly wide range of blends, and some flavored varieties as well. Keep in mind a few blends are as of yet only available online!

• Mild roast, Medium roast, Dark roast and decaffeinated blends
• Vanilla and Hazelnut and a few others via the ‘City Sensations’ varieties
• A Cappuccino blend with creamer in the pod
• ‘Origin’ blends like Sumatra, Brazil, Kenya and Columbia
• Some tea and other specialty varieties like Mocha are available

There is also an aftermarket addition to Senseo single serve coffee maker called the Coffeeduck. This filter essentially lets you use your own favorite coffee in the machine, which results in savings over having to buy the more expensive Pods. The Coffee Pods are best stored in a cool environment, not the freezer, and after opening the package of Pods it’s suggested to never store them in the refrigerator due to the risk of absorbing moisture or odor which can alter the taste. As you can see, Senseo machines seem to be best suited to those individuals that like a standard type drip coffee regardless of the blend. And for those purposes Senseo single serve coffee makers are perfect!

There are two models that are widely available. The Senseo Machine (original) and the Senseo New Generation (also called Supreme). There are few differences between these models however the differences could be considered major improvements.

Senseo Original Coffee Machine

The Senseo Original is a no-fluff single serve coffee maker that comes at a fantastic low price. It works with all Senseo Coffee Pods and brews a 4 oz cup or an 8 oz cup of your favorite blend of coffee. There is of course no taste transfer if you brew two different beverages one after another, and the machine comes with a 1 year warranty. The water is heated to 205 degrees, which is standard for a great hot cup of coffee or tea.

Benefits of the Senseo Original Coffee Machine:

• Has 2 different pod holders so you can brew one pod (4oz) or two pods (8oz) at a time
• Auto shut-off after 1 hour
• All removable parts are dishwasher safe
• Weighs in at 6lbs
• Brews a great cup of coffee in under a minute!
• Arguably the best tasting coffee, complete with crema, of any pod system

Drawbacks of the Senseo Original Coffee Machine:

• Virtually no bells or whistles like LED lights or clocks
• No auto-on feature
• Small 32oz water reservoir as compared to other brands
• 4oz standard size

The first cup of delicious coffee takes under 3 minutes, and each cup after that takes only 1 minute or less. As I mentioned, the coffee made is truly a treat! The crema is present, and you get the full flavor of the blend. The price of these single serve coffee makers can’t be beat, and the price for pods is also very reasonable. Consumers agree the machine is long lasting, and you can read their reviews on the Senseo Reviews page.

Senseo Supreme Coffee Machine

The Senseo Supreme is an affordable option for a more upscale coffee maker. The interactive LCD display allows you to select various cup sizes so you can customize your beverage. Using this feature coupled with one or more pods means you can create coffee as strong or as mild as you wish. Basically that is all that makes this model different from the Original.

Benefits of the Senseo Supreme Coffee Machine:

• Two pod holders so you can customize with 1 or 2 pods
• Brew sizes of 3,4,5,6,8 and 10 ounces
• Dishwasher safe removable parts
• Similar light weight of 6.5 lbs
• Same excellent coffee as other Senseo models
• Adjustable spout for larger or smaller cups

Drawbacks of the Senseo Supreme Coffee Machine:

• Adjustable spout only moves an inch or so, thus reducing its versatility
• Had some models recalled
• Plastic taste has been reported

Despite the drawbacks listed it’s important to note that consumer reports rate this machine as number 1 versus all of its competition. Also many people report that there is definitely no plastic taste, and that regardless of the adjustable spout moving relatively little, the machine is versatile in that it can essentially make 18 different strengths of coffee!

Summary of Senseo Single Serve Coffee Maker

• Due to affordability and the fact the beverage is top-notch quality, Senseo machines have a lot going for them. While it is true that the pods are cheaper than K-Cups and T-Discs, you may have to use 2 in order make a reasonable sized cup of coffee. This reduces the cost savings of the pods, however all is not lost as the machines themselves are quite a lot cheaper. Senseo single serve coffee makers have lots to offer any coffee lover!

Single Serve Coffee Maker

Single Serve Coffee Maker

The Best Single Serve Coffee Makers are getting the best of fame when the coffee fever continues to rise. There are many benefits to owning one of these machines and once you buy and use one, it’s hard to imagine how you manage without it! They have put themselves in definitely not just a foot note in the history of coffee!

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