Best Single Serve Coffee Maker

Best Single Serve Coffee Maker is a relative term in context to coffee makers.  The reason being – the basis of choosing the best single serve coffee maker is dependent on a number of factors which are specific to a person’s needs. All Coffee makers do one specific job of making coffee. Irrespective of any other factor, they all make coffee. What differentiates them from each other are the added facilities, specific features, the cost of possessing them, the ease of use, ease of maintenance, cleaning, durability, the size of output, etc. Introduction:  provides a platform to compare the Single Serve Coffee Maker available in the market. However, we have not limited the site to only Single Serve  Coffee Maker and included the regular gourmet Coffee Makers. The reason is simple. There are a lot of things to consider when buying a coffee maker and in the end a regular family might prefer the more reliable Coffee Maker to the single serve coffee maker. We would like to point out a second time that there is no best single serve coffee maker that would be suitable for everybody.  The concept of best single serve coffee maker or even the regular coffee Maker is relative to a person’s requirement. Hence what is considered as the best single serve coffee maker by one person might not be true for another person. Moreover, we have not limited ourselves to presenting just the best single serve coffee maker . We have thrown in a very big bonus in the form of providing the best deals available in the market. Our data is accurate since it is a live feed that you get from most reputable merchants online. Best Single Serve Coffee Maker – Review Factors: We have researched the market to find out what factors are considered when selecting a coffee maker and based on that we have reviewed the coffee makers which are displayed on the “Compare Coffee Makers” Page. This sort of comparison you will not be able to find on any website. The factors that are considered before making a buying decision of any coffee maker are mentioned below. Since the conditions are unique to every individual, the selection criteria may or may not follow the sequence as soon on the website. Portability: We found that kitchen space plays a very important role in deciding which coffee maker to buy. Surprisingly, this information is not easily available on the vendor website. Even amazon does not necessarily display the right item dimensions some times. We underwent some research to bring you the width, depth, height and weight of each coffee maker. When deciding the best coffee maker for you, the first thing to check is whether you will be able to create space for it in your kitchen since all the coffee makers come in different sizes and shapes. Ease of Use: It may seem strange to be talking about the ease of use when deciding the best single serve coffee maker. However, there is a special reason for speaking about it. The important thing to check is if the functionality is easy to use. Another thing to check for is whether the parts are removable or not. Some of the coffee makers have the opening of the water reservoir right at the back. This may not be convenient if you intend to place your coffee maker close to the wall. Removable parts mean you can fill the water reservoir easily and if the tray is removable then you can perhaps fill a travel mug since it may not fit in the limited space. Cleaning the Coffee Maker: If you are a regular coffee drinker then you might know that cleaning coffee makers is not that easy. This is also one of the many reasons why people use single serve coffee maker. Single serve coffee makers are easy to clean since they use k-cups, my k-cups, pods, etc for making coffee. There is no carafe involved in single serve coffee makers  which is the biggest cleaning headache. Compatibility: When deciding the best single serve coffee maker, compatibility is the most important reason. Keurig’s K Cups are the most famous packs available. There are several other companies that have their own packs. Using the cup system means the use of the coffee makers is not limited to just coffee but can also be used in making tea, soup and sometimes even iced beverages too. If you like a particular brand of cups then first check if you coffee maker will allow you to use them in the coffee-making process. Another factor is the My K-cup compatibility. Some People, especially the older generation, like to drink coffee made of ground coffee and not the ready-made packs available in the market. These people need coffee makers which are compatible with My K-Cup. If you are going to use in a big family, then you might want a coffee maker which can use both K-Cups and My K-cups. If you like another brand, then make sure your coffee maker can use it. Size of Cup: Most Keurig single serve coffee maker give you the option of 5 sizes of cup that can be used with the coffee maker. However, if you intend to buy a different brand of coffee maker then this becomes an important factor. If your coffee maker uses only two sizes or one size and that size is not your regular size then it might become a problem as you might be spending more time making the coffee and or throwing away some coffee every day. Reservoir Size: If you are a regular drinker of coffee then this also an important factor to consider when buying your coffee maker.  You will find coffee makers use many different reservoir sizes. In fact you will also find that some do not use a reservoir itself. Hence you need to keep in mind what is going to be the use of coffee maker and correspondingly whatsoever reservoir size you should be looking for. Additional Features: When deciding the best single serve coffee maker, there are some other things which are also important. Their priority may vary from person to person but it is best to keep in mind most single serve coffee makers these days come with this features. These features depending upon your perception can be an advantage or a disadvantage. For e.g. Auto On and Auto Off. While the auto off feature is definitely a bonus if you are thinking of energy consumption, a heavy coffee drinker might want the coffee maker to be on at all times. Price: For People on budget, price is a major factor in deciding the best single serve coffee maker. However, it needs to know price does not increase the quality of the coffee. The quality of the coffee depends on the ground coffee or the cups, Pods, etc used to make the coffee. However, higher price means added features. It includes the temperature at which the coffee is made. Some coffee makers do not raise the temperature of water to the required level resulting in mild coffee. Some give very strong coffee. Also it needs to be known as to how long do the coffee maker lasts. Some single serve coffee makers are known to last not very long but charge a very high price. A balance of price and features needs to be maintained when deciding the best single serve coffee maker. On, we have tried our very best to present a very clear picture of the true qualities of the coffee makers that we have reviewed. The purpose is to help you make an informed decision when buying a single serve coffee maker. Conclusion: No coffee maker is considered best by itself since the concept of best differs from person to person. However, when deciding which the best single serve coffee makers are, it would be beneficial to take the above factors into consideration.